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Leduc Rapid Bingo Program


Open six days a week (Thur-Sun) Afternoons & Evenings

Tuesday and Wednesday - Evenings Only
Closed Monday's

  • Cashiers Open @ 12:15 & 6:00 p.m.
  • Bonanza Precall @ 12:45 & 6:45 p.m.
  • Early Bird(s)To Follow
  • Regular Games @ 1:15 & 7:15 p.m.


GOLD CARDS Cards - 3-up for $6
EARLY BIRD #1 Cards - 1-up for $1
EARLY BIRD #2 Cards - 3-up for $1
SPEEDO Cards - 1-up for $1
TRIPLE 777 Cards - 3-up for $1
Even Bettor Cards - 1-up for $2
TRIANGLE TREASURE Cards - 2-up for $2
SUPER DAB Cards  6-up for $5
BONANZA Cards - 3-up for $1

Regular Games

  • One Line or Four Corners 
  • Letter X
  • Picture Frame
  • Full Card

Player of the week

Friday Afternoon & Evening

Winner = One Week of FREE Cards for Regular Games - (Maximum 7 Events)

Monthly Specials

All You Can Play

Regular Cards & Gold Cards ~ Click on "Specials" Tab or See In-Hall Posters For More Information


  • First 48 numbers of the Bonanza
  • Game is finished at the end of the Program


  • Double Action Game
  • Three Vertical Lines
  • Two numbers in each square- mark the whole square if either number is called


  • All Around the Free space
  • Continue for a Full Card


  • Applies to Regular games and may only be won once per Event
  • Lucky Number is the first player to bingo on any double digit number
  • Example 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, or 66

LOONIE POT #1 & #2

  • Loonie Pots apply to Regular Games
  • $1.00 each at Regular game purchase
  • Last number called on the Bonanza Precall is the Loonie number for that Event
  • Loonie Pot #1 - First 3 games of each series
  • Loonie Pot #2 - Full card only of each series


  • Four Bits applies to Regular Games
  • $1 upon purchase of Regular game cards
  • "Four Bits" is won when a valid bingo (single line/or four corners/or small x is declared
  • Pots within the 1st four numbers called


  • 1 - 15


  • $25 each for every 100 Players in attendance (Or portion thereof)




  • Played to a full card
  • Progressive is won if bingo is declared within 50 numbers or less
  • "ODD" or "EVEN" numbers are FREE according to the calendar day. Played to a full card
  • Even bettor progressive will be awarded when the full card is achieved on the 54th number. If the game is won on the 54th number and the 54th number completes the full card, the winner will receive the the event prize as well as the pot. If no winner is declared on the 54th number, the game will continue for the event prize. Rolling Pot capped @ $7000
  • REGULAR GAMES continued


  • 16 - 30

Triangle Treasure

  • Bingo on the unshaded area the player win's the regular prize
  • Pot is won when a player bingo's on the shaded area of the card


  • Pre-printed number seven (7) required on any two (2) cards on the same 3-up strip of cards
  • Triple 777 progressive prize is won when bingo is declared on any number ending in seven (7) and forms part of the game being played


  • A 49th number must be called before a Full Card can be declared.
  • guaranteed $100



Ad at each Eventfternoon or Evening Prize Pools can be won starting at 50 Numbers or Less, and increasing by one (1) with every $500 accumulated to a maximum of 54 numbers.

  • 1st valid Full Card winner(s) on the Bonanza Game will receive the Event prize payout plus the available prize pool if declared with the number of called balls designated.
  • Afternoon & Evening Prize Pools capped at $2,000