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Gecko Electronic BINGO!


Now available at Rapid Bingo in Leduc

Getting started

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  1. To begin playing Gecko Electronic BINGO, you will need to purchase the electronic bingo product. The Cashier will assist you with your purchase.
  2. You will choose a 4-digit password. Remember your password and keep it private.
  3. The Cashier will give you a receipt that shows your Player ID and the total purchased products, which are your Game Cards.
  4. Proceed to any available Gecko Electronic BINGO Terminal to log on and begin playing.

Logging on to the Gecko Terminal

  1. Touch the Gecko Terminal screen.
  2. You will be prompted to use the touchscreen numbered keypad to enter your Player ID#, which can be found on the Player Receipt you received from the Cashier.
  3. Press the green OK button if the number is correct. If you make a mistake, press the yellow DEL button to clear your entry and try again.
  4. You will then be prompted to enter your 4-digit password. Press the green OK button to take you to the My Cards screen.

Playing BINGO on the Gecko Terminal

  1. Always press the purple Play BINGO button (when lit) to begin playing and to show your best card view. A message will display until the event is active.
    Note: The Play BINGO button should be pressed any time it is lit up.
  2. The Gecko screen will show the current ball, the flashboard, the number of balls called and the BINGO pattern.
  3. Press the screen to manually dab each card or press the green Quick Dab button to have the Gecko automatically dab all called numbers.
  4. Cards sort to show the best playing cards and automatically update each time the  Quick Dab button is pressed.
  5. The green ball on the top left-hand side of each card indicates how close you are to a BINGO. The ball turns red when players are one number away from a BINGO.

Locking the Gecko Terminal, Best Card View, Dabbers

  1. Press the blue Options button to Lock or Unlock the Gecko Terminal, change the Best Card View or change your Dabber colour and shape.
  2. It is important to lock your Gecko whenever you leave the terminal by pressing the Lock button.
  3. When you return to the machine, press the Unlock button and enter your 4-digit password.
    Note: Any purchased game cards will continue to play electronically while the Gecko is locked. If a BINGO is won during terminal lockout, it will NOT automatically register the BINGO and NO prizes will be won.
  4. Choose your Best Card View by pressing the single card, 6 card or 9 card buttons. The main game screen will be automatically updated.
  5. Press the Quick Dab button to keep your cards updated.
  6. Press to choose your dabber colour and shape. Your old dabs will remain in their previous colour and shape.

Adding product (game cards)

  1. Lock your Gecko Terminal.
  2. Proceed to the Cashier to buy more product.
  3. Return to your Gecko Terminal and log off.
  4. Log back on using your Player ID# and 4-digit password. Your games will then appear on your screen.

Winning a BINGO

  1. When a card has a BINGO, the Quick Dab card will change to read BINGO.
  2. You must press the BINGO button immediately and call BINGO!
  3. The winning pattern on the card will flash in green and a red B will display on the top left hand side of the winning card.
    Note:  If the BINGO button is not pressed, the Gecko will not register the BINGO.
  4. The Caller will then verify the BINGO and players with winning cards will be paid.